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Our values drive everything we do.

illustration of a man on the moon planting a flag with the Rescue logo

There is one constant thing that you are faced with when running any type of business – tradeoffs. Investing in one thing means not investing in another. Hiring a new employee means that cash will be tight for a while. There are constant tradeoffs on your time, your resources, and your family life. It can be exhausting.

We get it because we are entrepreneurs too.

That’s why we started Rescue, to help people like you tip the scales back in your favour. We chose the payments industry because it’s one of the building blocks that touches every company. The modern world runs on credit cards (and it’s not slowing down).

But for some reason, this industry has been stuck in the past. The technology is clunky. The statements are confusing. Everywhere you look, you get weird, scammy or downright predatory providers. We know the pain, because we used to be a merchant with those providers. Now we exist to change that.

Our mission is to create Canada’s most customer-centric payment systems.

We help businesses do more.

We process $137 million a month in credit card payments for merchants, so we have seen a lot. Let us take the stress out of payments so you can focus on what you do best.

Our Manifesto

We are big believers in keeping it simple. Why? Because simple creates clarity, and clarity drives great relationships. We’ve built our team with deep expertise and only employ top talent. Our goal? Do what we say and say what we do.

We strive to take the longest view in the room. The world of payments is always changing. We are here to sift through the endless stream and deliver solutions that match what you need and avoid what you don’t.

Your customers are at the centre of everything we do. Your customers are our customers. Their experience matters. Everything we do, from technology to training, is customer-centred and designed with intention.

Don’t act like a big bank – nobody likes that. We’ve been there. We didn’t enjoy the experience, the pricing or the technology they gave us (or the call centres or pushy sales people). We aspire to give a bespoke experience, fair pricing and great tech that people like to use.

Most payment platforms fail because people misjudge the unique needs of their businesses. Constraints are living, breathing things. Understanding how they change is equal parts art and science. It is our job to help you prioritize and make durable decisions.

Industrial-grade security and compliance is the starting point, not an afterthought. Moving money runs on trust. And trust is an earned attribute. We are on top of the latest regulatory changes, security updates and compliance so you can sleep at night.


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