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  • Embedded Payments

    What Are Embedded Payments?

    Providing a seamless, frictionless checkout experience is one of the best ways for businesses to keep customers satisfied and loyal. With more transactions transitioning online and into apps, integrating slick embedded online payments directly into these digital touchpoints has become a popular move.

  • a lady holding her phone in one hand and her credit card in the other while paying for her coffee

    Top Payment Trends for 2024: A Rescue Guide on trends to watch in 2024

    The payment industry is witnessing rapid evolution, driven by technological advancements and shifts in consumer preferences, highlighting the importance of implementing the correct digital acceptance products for Canadian businesses. This includes new payment methods, the rise of wallets, contactless payments, offline and online payments and more.

  • Transacting with a credit card

    Automotive Dealers: Everything you Need to Know About Credit Card Surcharge Programs

    Across North America, automotive dealers are increasingly adopting credit card surcharge programs, recognizing them as a strategic solution for lowering their costs.

  • A person tapping a credit card

    Credit Card Surcharge: Understanding CRA Rules, Sales Tax (GST/HST), and Exemptions for Canadian Businesses

    Credit card surcharges have become increasingly relevant, serving as both a potential cost savings measure as well as an opportunity for savvy businesses seeking to optimize their financial operations.

  • Using a payment link

    What are Payment Links?

    Payment links are a helpful tool for companies looking to create a better user experience for their customers. Payment links are simple – they allow you to create a unique link and send it to your customer to collect payments online. No expensive hardware required. The best part? Funds hit…

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    What is the Best Tool to Accept Payments in Xero?

    Managing payments in Xero can be tedious and time-consuming WITHOUT the right tools. Many Xero users face significant challenges when it comes to handling payments efficiently. The manual processes involved can be cumbersome, leading to errors and wasted time. This not only affects the workflow but also hampers cash flow…

  • Quickbooks and Surcharge

    What is the Best Tool to Accept Payments in QuickBooks?

    As a QuickBooks Online (QBO) or Desktop user, you know how frustrating and expensive it can be to find the right payment processing solution. Between clunky integrations, hidden fees, and poor customer support, it’s no wonder so many small businesses end up disappointed with their payment options

  • Unlock Affordable Transactions: Your Guide to Cheapest Credit Card Processing Canada

    When searching for the most cost-effective, credit card processing company in Canada, you will want to analyze fee breakdowns, negotiate for lower costs, and look into efficient payment processors. Understanding and comparing fees, negotiating for discounts, and choosing top processors can lead to maximum cost-effectiveness. By evaluating various providers and…

  • Answering the 81 Most Common Questions on Credit Card Surcharges for Business Owners

    We went through our email and call logs to find the most common questions people have about surcharge programs in Canada. This is a comprehensive list of the most common questions we get about surcharge pricing.

  • This shows a lightswitch

    Switching Credit Card Processors? Everything You Need to Know

    Switching processors doesn’t have to be a giant headache. In this guide, we’ll explore the steps required to switch credit card processors, as well as the benefits of choosing the right payment processing partner and how a credit card surcharge program works.

  • Is it Possible to Reduce Credit Card Interchange Fees?

    This is our guide for Canadian small and medium-sized businesses, focusing on the essential topic of credit card interchange fees. Understanding these fees is vital for maintaining your profitability and competitive edge.