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Keep up to 100% of every credit card sale: When you sell $100, you receive $100 with the Rescue Smart Terminal.

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The Rescue Smart Bundle


Includes all Account and Device fees 

Whats included?

  • Rescue Smart Terminal
  • 24/7 Support
  • Email or text digital receipt
  • Set up a Payment page
  • Accept payments online
  • Send E-Invoices

$.09 / Debit Transaction

Debit transactions cannot be surcharged
What will this cost? 100 transactions = $9

0% Fees on Credit Cards

The customer pays a 2.4% fee when they pay
Sell $100, you get $100

Top view of the Rescue smart terminal showing a sample transaction

Included in every plan

Rescue Smart Terminal

  • 6" LCD color touch screen
  • At least 8 hours of use on battery
  • Email or text digital receipt
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Multi-location reporting from a single dashboard
  • Can track inventories and prices using point-of-sale mode

Don’t need a physical device? No problem - we have you covered.

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Fair, transparent pricing

Customer pays with Credit Card

You pay 0.00% + $0

Your customer pays 2.40%

e.g. Make a transaction for $50

Customer pays: $51.20

You receive: $50

Customer pays with Debit Card

You pay 0.00% + 9¢

Your customer pays $0

e.g. Make a transaction for $50

Customer pays: $50

You receive: $49.91

Compare against a traditional payments program

Rescue lets you easily convert your existing payment to a fully-complaint surcharge program for accepting credit and debit cards.

The Old Way
Rescue Payment
Up to 3.5% Fees
Welcome to the bank...
You're on your own.
Say Goodbye to Fees
We handle the complex setup, start to finish.
Fees2%-3.5% pricing0.0%*
Compliant surcharge programsNoYes
Easily accept payments online and in-store with one accountNoYes
State-of-the-art terminalsNoYes
24/7 dedicated supportYesYes
Next day business fundingNoYes
100's of POS & ERP integrationsNoYes
Contactless payments including Google & Apple PayYes
*Certain Visa/MasterCard and AMEX FX fees may apply

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