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Looking for Traditional Payments?

If you are a business that’s not quite ready to take the leap into surcharge, talk with a payments expert and get a free Rescue Review of your existing payments program.

The Rescue team has decades of experience navigating the landscape of the payments eco-system. Not only do we provide the best complaint credit card surcharge solutions, but we also provide competitive, technology forward solutions for businesses who still want to pay the credit card fees. All the amazing features we’ve noted about the Rescue terminal are also available in our traditional payments platform as well. This includes the state-of-the art devices, virtual terminal systems, software integrations and much more.

This feels like a good time to also tell you about the Rescue 360° Secure Promise.

360 Degree Promise

We believe that the heart of a successful payments platform is not just the technology, but in the trust and satisfaction of your business and its stakeholders.

Our 360° Secure Promise isn’t just a statement—it’s a pledge.

We work hand-in-hand with your business to ensure the smooth deployment of your surcharge system. If at any anytime you wish to transition back to a traditional program, Rescue will ensure that our traditional platform is equal or better than your previous provider.

This pledge guarantees that all stakeholder feel valued, secure, and confident in our promise to cater to their needs today, and anticipate their desires for tomorrow.

Contact us for a free assessment.